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There are many things to do in and around Whitehouse, Texas. You can go see all the amazing animals that the Caldwell Zoo, or you can go learn about all the wars of America in the American Freedom Museum. 

American Freedom Museum

The American Freedom Museum illuminates the American experience during crucial moments in our nation's history. From the hills and valleys of the American Revolution to the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Caldwell Zoo

Dive into a world of adventure and learn all about the animals that share the world around us in this 85-acre park with 2,000 animals from North America, South Africa and Africa in re-created natural habitats.

The Discovery Science Place

The Discovery Science Place is committed to igniting curiosity in young minds through fun, hands-on exploration. They envision a dynamic environment where play is fueled by curiosity, discovery is celebrated, and passion for learning grows.
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